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Welcome to your new favorite blog, Pages and Pepper!  This blog is all about my love of everything, but specifically about my love of both books and food.  Having spent the last few years running a “lifestyle” blog  known as Christine Everyday (some of you may remember it), I decided I was ready for a clean slate and to start something a little different.  You see, I had been feeling really run down and like I had boxed myself into talking about things that really didn’t interest me in an attempt to get more pageviews, more sponsors, etc.

Blech!  Can you imagine?  That’s not the point of a blog.  The point of a blog is to write something that I love and share my passions with others so that they can love them, too.  So forcing it would have never really worked.

So I started thinking: what is it that I am truly passionate about?  That was pretty easy.  Reading, and cooking!  I read a lot of YA, but I also enjoy travelogues, biographies, historical fiction…just about everything!  And the same goes for cooking…I’ll try any recipe once, and I love to experiment and create my own recipes (though you won’t see a lot of seafood here, if at all).

Thus, Pages and Pepper was born.  A combination of two of my favorite subjects.  Fun fact, I was going to call it Pages and Pasta, but there’s an account with that name on Pinterest already.

Anyway, here’s what my post schedule will look like:

Monday: Recipe or food-related post

Wednesday: Posts about my life or random subjects that occur to me

Friday: Book review or book/writing-related post

Are you starting to understand the theme?  Pages (books) and pepper (cooking)!  I hope that you’ll enjoy everything on this blog, but hopefully having an understanding of my schedule will still help you know what to expect.  Wednesdays are my day to talk about whatever I feel like in case I want to talk about something other than my “niche”

Cast of Characters

Christine - Pages and Pepper

Me, of course!  I’m Christine, nice to meet ya.  By day, I’m a high school teacher (currently, freshmen Geography).

The Doctor - Pages and Pepper

My hubby, the Doctor, married since December 2011.

Toddles - Pages and Pepper

And my daughter, whom I affectionately refer to as Toddles even though she is no longer a Toddler.  She was born in January 2013.

I hope you’ll stick around and get to know me, my books, my food, and my family.  It’s bound to be a fun ride!

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