The 10 Best Things About Being a Teacher

The 10 Best Things About Being a Teacher - Pages and Pepper

Being a teacher can be a really hard, thankless job.  But if I’m being completely honest, since I’ve started teaching, I absolutely 100% cannot see myself in any other profession…at least not by choice.  There are so many amazing things about being a teacher, and since I’ve had a hard week this week, I decided to share them all with you in an effort to help me remember all the good.

Hilarious students.  I keep my classroom environment pretty relaxed because I think it makes for better rapport with my students, and it pays off big time, because these kids can be so funny!  There have been many moments when I’ve laughed out loud with them, and it is always so fun.  I have a pretty silly since of humor, and since high school freshmen can definitely be silly, we get along really well.

There is always cake.  This is a positive and a negative about being a teacher.  There is always cake somewhere in the building, and who doesn’t love cake?  Except my waistline…

Students are generous with their affections.  Man, the more I write this list, the more I sound like I am talking about young students, but I teach high-school students!  But really, they are super sweet kids, and are not afraid to tell you that they think you are awesome or that you are their favorite teacher.  That makes me feel so good.

Feel a sense of accomplishment every. single. day.  I leave work every day feeling like I have made a positive impact on somebody’s life.  There are very few careers where you get so many opportunities to truly touch somebody’s life as often as you do being a teacher.  I try to sneak life lessons in with our regular curriculum as often as possible.

Feel appreciated.  I know this may not be the case for every teacher, but I feel super appreciated by my school.  The students, staff, and faculty make me feel like a valuable member of the team, and I think the teaching profession in general lends itself to that environment.  I know that a school can go wrong very quickly, but I also think that they can go right if the right people are involved!

Discounted auto repairs.  I am truly thankful for these this week, because I got my brakes and roters replaced, my oil changed, a bunch of filters replaced, tires rotated, and some other things done for less than $300 total.  Big shout-out to the auto tech courses of the world!

Discounts on books.  Speaking of discounts, teachers get discounts on books pretty much everywhere.  Kaching!

Spend your life in a learning environment.  Some people may not see this as a good thing, but I sure do.  I’ve always said that if I could get paid to just go to school forever, I would be happy.  And being a teacher is pretty darn close to doing that!  I always have the chance to learn and grow as I meet the educational needs of my students.

School breaks.  Because let’s face it, if any teacher says they don’t like the fact that they get summers off, they’re lying.

Impart knowledge.  This is a little hard to explain, but being a teacher is amazing because I get to share my knowledge.  I don’t mean to say that I am so brilliant and I get to share that with people.  I mean that I am passionate about my subject, and so I love sharing it with students and hoping to spark even a little interest in them.  My favorite days are the days when I share trivia with kids…the look of interest in their faces is the best feeling in the world.

Any other teachers out there?  Does this list sound familiar to you?

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